“Birthmark”. Perfomance by Niels Claes

June 15, 2018. UAI project space ”Galera”.
Choreography and Dance: Niels Claes
Where? Užupio meno Galera, Užupio gatvė 2, Vilnius
When? Culture night, 8 PM and 9PM
Duration: 20 min.

The performance is a solo contemporary dance performance by Niels Claes.

Like a birthmark your personality is a part of you, but what if your environment does not let you be your authentic self because they don’t accept some of your personal traits. You get bullied and do not fit in and so you push away your ideas and desires. Until the birthmark gets ripped off and the only thing that is left is a scar. Will it fade away or will it stay and be part of who you are? And is it possible to forget the scar once was there?