Musical Thursdays: Elektroninis Baltasis Kiras

September 25, 7 pm. at Užupis Art Incubator club

Elektroninis Baltasis Kiras (The Electronic White Gull) – electronic music group that mixes dub rhythm with the sound of acoustic instruments. At the beginning there was Tautvydas Kiras watching one guy playing electronic computer sounds at Yaga Ball mascarade. „It seemed that he could play anything. It sounded so natural. Electronic music has so many possibilities!“ – he says.

That is how the experiment began, and they have already appeared in TUNDRA and YAGA festivals. Everytime in the electronic Baltasis Kiras version play different musicians. In the Užupis Art Incubator club the synthetic sounds will lead vocal (Luna, Tegu teka and Dominyka, Ministry of Echology), accompanied by Jew’s-harp (Rokas) and percussion (Lukas).

Every performance – unique. „All our concerts are different. Our music – like jam, is born while playing with electronic and acoustic instruments. We never fit into one hour“, – says Tautvydas and promisses us a dashing musical evening in Užupis.

Entrance – 10 Lt

Elektroninis Baltasis Kiras on soundcloud:

Translation: Kristina Krikščiūnaitė

Elektroninis Baltasis Kitas - Yaga 1