Sanskrit. Creative Workshop

4 pm at August 9, 2018. UAI Project Space “Galera”.

Project Sanskritik Mandala is organizing creative-educational workshop to introduce Sanskrit and its particularity. Conductors of the workshop: Darius Sruoginis and Gabija Vosyliutė. Participation is free, its recommended to register beforehand. Workshop suitable for adults as well as kids.

More information:

“Sanskritik Mandala IV” is the fourth part of project, developing successfully established intercultural relation between India and Lithuania. During the residency program, a few Indian artists will stay in work in Vilnius, Lithuania. Working space of the artists will be arranged in creative studios “Galera” (Užupio str. 2 A, Vilnius) and” Kalnas” (Krivių str. 10, Vilnius). Artists will implement their individual and collaborative art projects, we seek to be actively involved in local cultural scene. The final artworks along with catalogue will be represented in the exhibition in the gallery “Galera” and lately this exhibition will be exposed in the gallery “Under The Mango Tree” in Berlin, Germany. Some cultural activities will be taken in Anykščiai, where artists will get wider acquaintance with Lithuanian culture, traditions and local lifestyle in general.