“Sanskritik Mandala VI“. Colors of India, colors of Vilnius

For the sixth year in a row Vilnius city meets “Sanskritik Mandala VI“, the Lithuanian-Indian culture exchange project. Its name derives from Hindi, meaning “cultural circle”, which symbolically reflects the aim to make a dialogue between two different cultures, to inspire artists and to present tendencies and good practices of Indian art to Lithuanian audience.

Have you ever heard about Mumbai film industry? Have you tried writing in Sanskrit? Would you like to sneak daily life of a nomadic shepherd? The project invites visitors to open lectures, exhibition, workshops and other creative  meetings in different places of Vilnius. Everyone is welcome to experience Indian colors and its’ reflections in traditional or contemporary arts and various contexts.

One of the highlights of the project will take place at the Uzupis Art Incubator space “Galera” (Uzupio str. 2A), where the joint exhibition “Art code” will be opened.

Indian and Lithuanian artists will  be brought together to present their artworks, created during the project.

Interdisciplinary artist Biluka Nirmala participates with her works in which various pieces of harmony of the world are placed and embodied. Navjot Sohal, a sculptor, also keen on architecture and jewelry, draws attention to subtle Lithuanian elements in her works. Likhita Mahajan-Krishukaitiene, who has been living in our country for several years, presents the work approaching Lithuanian-Indian bond, internal conflicts and contradiction between mind and body. The paintings of the sculptor Alak Jyoti Pathak reveal his experience of living in Lithuania and India, and photographer Jovita Ambrazaityte invites visitors to see a series of experimental works on cyanotype born in India.

The project is led by the “The Circle of Creation“ (Lithuania) and “Parivartan Assam“ (India).


21 August, at 6 pm – documentary “Shepherds of Paradise” at the Skalvija Cinema,

27 August, at 7pm – opening of the exhibition “The Art Code“ at the UAI “Galera (Uzupio str. 2A);

29 August – open lecture with Deimantas Valanciunas at Vilnius University;

30 August – open lecture (in English) with dr. Nirmala Biluka;

1 September, at 2 pm – Sanskrit workshop with Gabija Vosyliute.

2–9 September  – cultural visits to Riga and Tallinn.