St. Patrick’s day 2019

16 March, 2019.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen and Leprechauns!
Dear Free Citizens of the World!

St. Patrick’s coming to Vilnius for the 8th(!) year in row and yet again it is going to be properly Irish and green! You are proudly invited by the Patron of event, Honoured Ambassador of Republic of Ireland Mr David Noonan to gather on the banks of river Vilnelė to see it turning green at Užupis Republic on Saturday, 16th of March!

Live Irish music and Irish dances, Irish hats and ginger heads, Irish&Lithuanian flags, original Irish stew brought by Bistro 18, Vilnius, kayaks parade straight from Dublin’s St James gates where Arthur Guinness created his special stout, special offers from Užupio kavinė, parade of Irish setters and wolfhounds, Rugby Six Nations clash Wales vs Ireland later at the bars – this is what we’ll get on Saturday 16th of March. It’s St. Patrick’s and it’s Užupis for the green sake!

14.00 Let’s all meet at Užupis bridge: warm Irish welcome from DJ Leprechaun
14.30-16.30 UŽUPIO MENO INKUBATORIUS – a field of St. Patrick’s hats, golden pots filled with very-truths-of-life, or the Lucky Clover workshop for kids.
14:40-15.00 LIVE Baltos Varnos special for St Patrick’s
15:00 Address of H.A. Mr David Noonan
15.00-15.15 LIVE Irish dances with Irish dance studio Ceili Rue
15.15-15:40 River Vilnelė turns green – Loud Gaelic Sláinte!
15:15-15:40 LIVE Baltos Varnos special for St Patrick’s
15:40-16.00 End of Užupis St. Patrick’s 2019 story: let’s meet up at Piano Man bar, Gringo pub, Užupio kavinė and Bistro 18, Vilnius, Vilnius where Irish music, live gigs and DJ’s, Irish stews and Guinness pies will rock all night long.

See you Saturday, 16th March, folks!

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