Beyond The Consumption: Johannes Mundinger

October 28, 5 pm. in Mekas draught – Jonas Mekas lane, entrance from Užupio str. 24
October 30, 6 pm. in Užupis Art Incubator gallery GALERA

Creator of extraordinary illustrations, painter Johannes Mundinger from Berlin is the first participant of Užupis Art Incubator project “Beyond The Consumption”. He has chosen an uncommon place – Jonas Mekas draught between Vilnius Art Academy and Užupis street – to bring the lane back to life. There the artist paints over the external wall and will invite the citizens and guests of Vilnius to make the final touch to his work .

The painting of Mekas draught is one of several aims of Mundinger’s trip to Užupis. The artist has already painted over the external wall of Užupis Art Incubator gallery KALNAS, and on October 30 he opens his personal exhibition “The Glass Mountain Gathering” in the gallery GALERA of Užupis Art Incubator.

More about Johannes Mundinger

Beyond The Consumption – Art for the citizens

In their free time the majority of the citizens are choosing easily reachable, leisure products forced to them by the industry. The creations of contemporary art are too obscure and incomprehensible for them. The international project “Beyond The Consumption” supported by Lithuanian Council of Culture orientated to the people who miss art in the streets of the city. During the project all citizens and guests are welcome to become acquainted with the creations of artists from Germany, Poland and Finland.

„Today, the contemporary art seems like a rebus, that is why citizens often choose something more entertaining. It is hard for them to find pieces of art that would be easy and simple for people having no specific cultural education.
We wish the art to reach those who are drowned in the routine of consumption. Maybe it will help to step over it“, says Solveiga Gutautė, the project manager of Užupis Art Incubator.

Project will last until December.

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Translation: Kristina Krikščiūnaitė