George Gagoshidze. “Adventure in Uzupis”

15-29 June, 2018, Uzupis art incubator project space “Galera”.

George Gagoshidze (Born in 1983, Tbilisi, Georgia) lives and works in Tbilisi. 2002-07, the artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi.

George Gagoshidze’s solo exhibition “Adventure in Uzupis’ at gallery “Galera” represents artworks created by artist during the stay as artist in residence at Uzupis Art Incubator . Represented artworks are some abstract paintings and two sketchbooks as well, which are full with several locations in Uzupis district which mainly inspired artist during his stay in Residency.

Till 2015, the artist’s inspiration stems from the nature and the mountainous landscapes are dominated in his works, the environment is generalized and close to the abstract art. Afterwards, the artist starts researching the borders between abstract and landscape art. Contrastive color spots and circular forms made of surface and line repetition are associated with mountains, but sometimes they are perceived as an aesthetic abstract form.

In order to create textured surface, Gagoshidze refers to the intensive colors and various materials: the artist uses oil paints in his canvas works, whereas watercolor, acryl, tempera and some non-traditional materials are used in paper works. The mixture of materials is distinguishing characteristic of his works.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

Tbilisi Art Fear, Tbilisi, Georgia 2018. “Project ArtBeat” gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 2017. Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China 2017. Contemporary art fair “Contemporary Istanbul” Istanbul, Turkey 2017. Contemporary art fair “ArtVilnius”, Vilnius , Lithuania 2017. “UŽUPIS ART INCUBATOR ” gallery “Galera”, “ From sketchbook to painting” Vilnius, Lithuania 2016. “ Baia Gallery” Tbilisi, Georgia 2016. “UŽUPIS ART INCUBATOR ” , gallery “Galera”, “ Inner Mountains” , Vilnius, Lithuania 2015. Gallery “Vernissage” Tbilisi, Georgia 2012.”Shirin Art Gallery” Exhibition by David&George Gagoshidze, Tehran,Islamic Republic of Iran 2011. “Open Gallery”- “Open Society Georgia Foundation “ Tbilisi,Georgia 2010.