“Household goods of XXI century”. Exhibition and Ceramics Workshop

26 June–7 July, 2018. UAI project space “Galera”.

4 BOOBS STUDIO is an open ceramics studio which gathers people that are interested in arts and ceramics. Our educational activities let us not only to create together but also to organise an exhibition and show our skills, knowledge and creativity.

Our educational activity is not just programme based study. Here we mostly let people to create and improvise, get to know each other and the technology of ceramics process and find out the true passion what is ceramics for them about.

The participants of this exhibition are local or ex inhabitants of Užupis, people who are migrating or just passing by. But everyone is honest and open as a true minister of Užupis.

We also want to invite all the wanderers and ceramics lovers to an open workshop that will be held in Galera on the opening evening. Depending on the air conditions, it will take place outside in the yard or inside Galera.

This exhibition is curated by ceramics artists Monika and Mingailė who are the founders of 4 BOOBS STUDIO.