Beyond Consumerism

Gloomy autumn days of October 2014 were enlivened with creative buzz and burst of colors in Uzupis, where the new project “Beyond Consumerism” took place.

The project, launched by Uzupis Art Incubator and sponsored by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, involved artists from Finland, Germany and Poland.  They resided in Uzupis Art Incubator art studios, and the artwork created by them during the residency was given as a gift to the city of Vilnius and its people, supporting accessible art in the public areas of town.

The first participant who captured audience’s attention was Johannes Mundinger, creator of non-standard illustrations and conceptual painter from Berlin.

The artist who was visiting Lithuania for the forth time have chosen an exceptional spot in Uzupis. He decorated the walls of Jonas Mekas lane by paintings to represent the alternative ways of graffiti art. Besides creating an art piece in Jonas Mekas lane, Johannes Mundinger has decorated the outer wall of Uzupis Art Incubator gallery “Kalnas”.  Also his personal art exhibition titled “The Glass Mountain Gathering” was produced in Uzupis and opened  “Galera” gallery.  According to the author, the inspiration for it came from the history of Vilnius and Lithuanian folklore.


Photo: Samvelas Gandžumianas


The participant of the second stage of the project was famous Finlandian artist Johhana Livessalo. The sculptor of philosophical conceptual pieces dedicated her newest work to the town of Vilnius. The artwork includes 5 sculptures of windmills which were started creating in Finland and completed in Uzupis.  The artist who brought the creative energy generated by the windmills to Uzupis believes that everyone who is in search of his Creative Muse has to just wait until one of the windmills catches the wind up and starts turning.

johanna livessalosmall

Photo: Samvelas Ganžumianas

Participants of the third stage of the project were sculptors Katarzyna Warzewska-Adamowska and Tadeusz Adamowski from Poland. Their exceptional gift to Uzupis is a sculpture titled “Unicorn Zebra” which is being exhibited by the river Vilnele.

The sculpture is exceptional because it is based on a prototype of a rocking horse.  Therefore the sculpture attracts not just art admirers but also families with children and everybody else who feel nostalgic for the careless and delightful days of childhood.


Photo: Samvelas Gandžumianas

Uzupis Art Incubator Residential Program was established in 2013 with the goal to provide an opportunity for foreign artists to reside in Uzupis Art Incubator, to explore local cultural and artistic life, to collaborate with other artists, local community and also to produce and present their artworks in Uzupis Art Incubator galleries.  During the period of 2011-2014 two new buildings were unveiled at 2A  Uzupio str. and 1 Kriviu str.  Accommodations consist of equipped painting and sculpture studios, gallery, educational training rooms and other supplies necessary for artists to feel themselves catered to.