Debronzes (Indonezija/Indonesia)

Born in Semarang Central Java Indonesia (9-30-1972), his father is an architect and he always guiding Debronzes on drawing from age of childhood. His father often said, the simplicity was a mother of all the beauty. That sentence always lives as a guideline it until in his works.

The simplicity shown Debronzes is an intrinsic expression, how he loves with probity from the simply process to constructing to be natural when worked on sketches and drawings. With the expectation it is will appear discourse with a multi of interpretation. He is using medium pencils on paper, oils on canvas, digital painting and resin to sculpture. Formal academic study in management and psychology also sketch study non-formal in the zone of campus the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta Indonesia. In 2007 have a chance to residency at Pogog Sculpture Art House Kebumen Central Java Indonesia with the mentors, Fandy Saputra (sculptor), Taraf Kurniawan and Agus Karya Devi.

His works concept is Phantasm-Imaginary-Disfigurement, with classic style of traditional drawing presents a visualisation of the unique figures in the universe between light and darkness on phantasm. Works influenced by Derek Riggs, Dan Seagrave, M.C Escher, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Albrecht Durer, Salvador Dali, Ernst Fuchs, Kris Kuksi, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Raden Saleh, etc. Besides in visual art Debronzes also a musician as singer in the extreme metal band called Syndrome and active on scene of extreme metal music by contributed on making works of drawing / painting to album cover the underground bands and merchandise label from Indonesia, Canada, Belgium, USA, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Philippine etc.

Quotation of art critic: “The work of Debronzes many exploration of the dark side and over tragic of reality although in a realm of fantasy. He’s always making an extravagance with his subconscious mind in technical when executing work, but the extravagance of works is an investment in his faith. (2008, Agung Bajak , graduated Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogjakarta Indonesia )”