Rudy Murdock (Indonezija/Indonesia)

Born in Semarang, Central Java from hard military family but became independent and rebel. After graduate from graphics high school he actually pursue extreme music for explain himself to protest with his songs.
Since he finished his diploma 1 of graphics, Rudy began to wander with both musical works and the works of painting and graphics. He become a freelance graphic, did designer for some books cover, movie and music posters etc. in the U.S. and England.
With his band, he released 3 full length albums, and some compilations in Indonesia and South East Asia. With his paintings he has exhibited more than 25 exhibtions, also his solo drawing title ALONE (the diary of madman) in 2009. His painting works or song always talk about the social conditions, environment and political. His works are frequently talked about protest against something deviant. Since his first art exhibition in1996 he poured his works of mixed media, collages and acrylic on the fragments of illustration or even imaginary figure that drawn rhythm. He often positioning himself random and blindly about the angle and episode, figures and imaginary, symbols, shapes embodiment. As though invite the viewer on the secret odyssey about whom, when and why.c84c9e3d674b530a43f8ffb11468a2d5