Provisions for granting premises regulatesthe objectives and conditions of the granting premises as well as the basic requirements of the applications and their providers. The other field of regulation is the rules of the evaluation and selection of applications.

1. The main types of art developed by residents are:

painting, sculpture, photography and other multimedia arts (cinema, workshops, simulation games, audio-visual arts, etc.)..
The additional target group of the residents is supposed to be entities to produce advisory or other services directed to the CA and UAI.

2. The addresses of the premises are: Uzupis str.2 and Kriviu str.10

3. The premises of Uzupis Art Incubator will be provided for:
a) a long-term residency of 1-2 years;
b) a short-term residency of 1-12 months, or a shorter period of time.
The maximum residence of one artist or the small and medium–seized business (SMB)  is 5 years.
4. The price of 1 sq.m. premises is estimated at 5 Litas for young artists and 10 Litas for other artists and  representatives of creative industries (fees of utilities are not included in this price). The difference between UAI rental and market prices is caused by the “de minimis” support.
5. UAI Council Meeting Protocol 09-2 ( 30 January 2009, Vilnius) provides that UMI rental activities for young artists and (or) SMB subjects are carried out in rotation at least at every 5 years.
6. Uzupis Art Incubator specializes in the development of particular type of art, therefore young artists should comprise at least 50 percent of all residents.



Goals of the project:

to develop the active creative core called Uzupis Art Incubator which is flexible with the changes in the creative industries and the market; shapes the cultural, social and business innovation and integration; promotes local and international creative industry; stimulates the collaboration of representatives and community; forms the creative industries market; nurtures the society enhancing the quality of the social and cultural life and increasing the economic capacity of the country;

to concentrate various artists, groups of artists and art-related businesses (representatives of the creative industries) in one space;


Objectives of the project:

to provide facilities for artists and for SME;
to provide conditions for artists to create and introduce their works to the audience;
to help artists to start their own business;
to facilitate the development of art-related businesses;
to intensify the cooperation of society in the cultural life;
to work closely with Uzupis community and other creative ones;
to develop innovative approaches.




The premises are provided by the Council of UAI considering the evaluation of the expert groups.

Applications for the premises can be produced  by Lithuanian and foreign individual artists as well as he entities of small and medium enterprises (SME).

Steps of registration, considering the application and signing the contract:

Phase I. A completed application is submitted.

Applications are accepted continuously if filled on the internet and sent with additional material at

Phase II. The expert group evaluates the applications and makes a list of projects that are submitted for approval.

The expert group is appointed by the director of a one-year period.
Stage III. Considering the evaluation of the expert group, UAI Council votes to decide the issues of granting premises.

The meetings of the UMI  Council to discuss the granting / lease issues are held no less frequently than twice a year.

Phase IV. Adjusted to conditions selected artists and entities of SME signs a contract. The contract is signed no later than in 30 days from the approval.




Submitted applications are assessed by the expert group formed by the director and in accordance with the goals, objectives and evaluation criteria set in the project S-VP2-2.2-ME-02-V-01-007:

1. The form is completed  in accordance with the requirements;

2. Proposed activities are due to the artistic quality, originality, professionalism, relevance to the goals of project;

3. The activities are in accordance with the priorities of UAI: helping the novice and advanced projects of photography, sculpture, painting, film and other multimedia arts. Additional target group which will offer the necessary (or extra) consultancy or other services directed to the entities of CA and UAI;


4. Realizable business plan(or a description of the activity / project) is submitted;
5. New jobs will be crated;

6. The original ideas, innovative projects and new business activities will be implemented;

7. The applicant participated in international art projects, events, trade fairs at home and abroad;

8. High value-added product or creative services will be developed;

9. Preference is given to young artists as well as to artists and SME, who develop the contemporary art in Uzupis by their works (the original ideas, quality exhibitions, etc.).



1. By order of the Director, the UAI has the right to provide the premises in a way of exception and invite individual artists to participate in the project, also the following entities by above-mentioned order can be invited: the creative industries and related research centers (projects) laboratories or other organizations ( institutions), which are in accordance to the UAI’s business strategy, mission, vision and goals and / or contributes to the implementation by  providing of services for the UAI resident entities, cultural and art institutions, art educational institutions, known for their contribution to the art of promotion activities.

2. Any matter in dispute between the applicants and the UAI must be resolved through negotiation, if failing agreement, addressed to  the Lithuanian law.

3. These provisions may be amended or eliminated only by decision of the UAI Council.


Giedrius Bagdonas

May 16, 2012