Igor Kosovec Photography Exhibition

First solo photography exhibition by Igor Kosovec (1986–2017) in memory of an author. Opening event will take place on 5th April, 2017 at Užupis art incubator gallery “Kalnas” (Krivių st. 10, Vilnius). The exhibition is on view till 14th April, 2017, on Monday-Friday from 11 a. m. to 6 p. m. Entrance is free.

Rethinking the creative work of Igor Kosovec based on the concept of dichotomy that is indicating the distinction between two by its very nature contrary theories or processes, one can see that it had constantly accompanied life and creation of Igor.

Dualism, in the origins as one of twin brothers, further developing in the creative activity, is thoroughly revealed in the latest works of I. Kosovec that come in the parallel of a woman and nature. Creative pseudonyms (Avalakh, Elesin) of an author referring to the classical and contemporary mythology, complement the myth of dualistic world of Igor, in which he created and acted himself.

The genre of nude, having emerged since the beginning of photography, remained relevant through centuries up to this day. The body depicted and represented by Igor often reflects the emotion or a study of it, rather than the anatomical structure. Photographs unveil not only the feminine characters within them and their inner world, but also Igor himself – through the depicted aesthetics of body and its environment: gently shimmering, smooth, gliding and almost caressing; but sometimes – fearfully glooming. Even nudes captured in the studio retain “nature like”, organic aesthetics, complementing the cycle of works with primordial cosmogonic imagery.

We invite you to meet Igor one more time through his creative works, at the long-awaited public exhibition.

Rūta Stepanovaitė

Curators of the exhibition: Rūta Stepanovaitė and Viktorija Ivleva.