“Waiting for the Angel”. Graphic Arts Exposition of Alexander Beliansky

19–28 March, 2019. Gallery “Kalnas”,  Krivių str. 10A, Vilnius.

Uzupis Art Incubator presents two exhibitions of Ukrainian artists. The graphic works exposition of Alexander Beliansky and the exhibition “Waiting for the Angel” of Fedor Aleksandrovich of will be opened at Uzupis Art Incubator galleries ‘Galera’ and ‘Kalnas’ on the 19th March, on the occasion of Ukrainian art days in Uzupis.

Amber hearted deceased rest in black soil. The dead, from whom the living will rise, awaken by the angel’s trumpet. In the paintings of Fedor Alexandrovich we can see these dead. Layed down in black – Ukrainian – land of war. Alexander Belianski’s graphic works are to shelter women, waiting for an angel. Who’s he – the Užupis Angel, perhaps the Angel of Europe? Or the one of Wisdom? Aspiration to approach and appreciate each others? But how can dead be reached by alive? Suddenly, an angel trumpets and the paintings come to life.