Andrius Zakarauskas

Andrius Zakarauskas is the painter of a younger generation. His artworks interiors feature anonymous figures and is a balance between the abstract and concrete, real and imaginary boundaries. Andrius researches painting as a kind of media, deconstructs the myths of painting in such way making his creative process and artworks involving and interactive.

Andrius was born in 1982 in Kaunas. He studied at the Antanas Martinaitis art school, the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and the Miguel Hernandez University in Spain. Since 2005 he began to organize personal exhibitions, his works are presented at the gallery “Gates”, as well as at Austrian, Italian, Polish, Dutch art galleries. Some Andrius Zakarauskas works are acquired by the National Art Gallery and Contemporary Art Center.

his-artscape-2014-150x150 (1)          vardan-2014-expo-galerija-vartai-150x150 (1)           karta-Kaune-2014-copy-150x150 (1)          Horizontalūs-potėpiai-dr.-al.-190x180-2009-copy-150x150