Mission: Promotion of the dialogue between the public and creators through publicity of the creative process.

Užupis Art Incubator (UAI) is a space for the dissemination of creative processes focused on their publicity.

Activities at UAI:

  1. Open studios of creators and creative business (open public days of open studios of creators and creative business representatives who create/work in the studios):

UAI Kalnas Studios, a workplace of a young (companies up to 3 years) professional Creative business (SMB entities)/creator prioritising creative design industries. The main focuses involve the development of a young Creative business, cooperation among creators and businesses, informal design education, openness of creative processes and mentoring;

UAI Galera Studios, a place for work and creation of a young professional artist (painting, graphics, photography, video, ceramics, sculpture, installation, performance, interdisciplinary art, art exploration etc.);

  1. Permanent public display of creation works and creative processes, the dialogue with the audience through the  records and broadcasting, and regular updates of presentations of creative processes (offering an opportunity for viewers to follow the creative process from start to finish and to engage in programmes), etc.;
  2. Initiation of workshops and presentations of creation works (both at UAI and external spaces), discussions, artistic collaborations and other activities (both prearranged and spontaneous) emerging in creative processes, entrepreneurship and creativity training, discussions etc.;
  3. Activities related with the district of Užupis and its community, such as studies, artistic actions, projects of localised art, informal Užupis information centre, excursions, creative workshops, presentation of a cultural map, Užupis cinema (for the publicity of the history of Užupis and for holding community events), education of Užupis community and its visitors, interaction with Užupis community in developing the project of the Republic of Užupis, etc.;
  4. Liaison with other institutions, especially with the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) (VAA community members are encouraged to apply for UAI studies; availability of the VAA Art and Design Laboratories under the cooperation agreement between UAI and the VAA; education of the VAA community by means of project activities);
  5. Project activities encompass the projects aimed at developing the programme of foreign creators, presenting creation works by young artists, delivery of seminars, lectures, visits aimed at the development of competences of young artists, projects in collaboration with other organisations and institutions.