Uzupis Art Incubator (UAI) is the first art incubator in the Baltic states running for more than 10 years. It is the only alternative  artistic organization with arts center not only in Vilnius but also in Lithuania. Having experience in the international cooperation with like-minded organizations and centers abroad and using new creative resources to introduce new artistic initiatives, Art Incubator creates and maintains the original and attractive atmosphere which is fully supported and encouraged in many advanced European cities appreciating the importance of the creative industries in the country’s cultural, tourism and economic development. Here in Uzupis you can find the same atmosphere which the residents and guests of the Old Town can be proud of.

Uzupis Art Incubator’s mission is the promotion of the dialogue between the public and creators through publicity of the creative process. UAI is a space for the dissemination of creative processes focused on their publicity.

UAI consists of two separate places: UAI Kalnas Studios, a workplace of a young (companies up to 3 years) professional Creative business (SMB entities)/creator prioritising creative design industries. The main focuses involve the development of a young Creative business, cooperation among creators and businesses, informal design education, openness of creative processes and mentoring.

And UAI Galera Studios, a place for work and creation of a young professional artist (painting, graphics, photography, video, ceramics, sculpture, installation, performance, interdisciplinary art, art exploration etc.).