Užupis Art Incubator, Gallery “Kalnas”,  Krivių str. 10 a, Vilnius.

2015-05-07 – 2015-06-15

Anti-Asger is a continuous cultural project, initiated by The Jutland Art Academy, connecting artists from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. In this project, the participants explore the theme of art and identity based on research on the well-known and important artist Asger Jorn (Denmark) and his contemporaries Ars Group (Lithuania). The exhibition “Anti-Asger” is the result of a two year long ongoing artistic investigation, where the works of Lil Wachmann, Tabita Henriksen, Laila Svensgaard and others are based on research in the Asger Jorn archives in Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, while Marija Griniuk and Tue Brisson Mosich’s project “My Cousin comes back from the war ” is based on parallel research at Museum Jorn and the Lithuanian Art Museum.

Jørgen Michaelsen is presenting his work “Verdiens Uorden”.

Anti-Asger was first exhibited in November 2014 in Ceres in Aarhus in Denmark, at the time of Asger Jorn’s 100-year anniversary.

The project involves artists Jørgen Michaelsen (DK), Nat Bloch Gregersen (DK), Søren Krag (DK), Laila Svensgaard (DK / SE), Tabita Henriksen (DK), Ulrik Myrtue (DK), Kristian Schrøder (DK), Lil Wachmann (DK), Marija Griniuk (LT / DK), Tue Brisson Mosich (DK), Mykole Ganusauskaite (LT), speakers: Teresa Østergaard Pedersen, Aarhus University PhD and Lucas Harberkorn, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg.

The program of events during the project:

2015 May 7th
18:00 Opening:
Project presentation with Lil Wachmann (DK), Tue Mosich Brisson (DK), Marija Griniuk (LT/DK);
one evening presentation of the interactive novel prototype “My Cousin Comes Back from the War “(Marija Griniuk and Tue Brisson Mosich);
18:30 Artist Talk  with project participant and video artist Lil Wachmann (DK);
19:30 performance “Anti-Murder Manifesto” (Marija Griniuk)5

2015 June 4th
17:00 to 19:00 Presentations by Aarhus University PhD, Teresa Østergaard Pedersen and Lucas Harberkorn, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg.
The organizers reserve the right to adjust the program.

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