Užupis Art Incubator announces an Open Call for rent of residences in Užupis, address Užupio g. 2A Vilnius. A residence is located on the picturesque shores of Vilnelė. Here we are looking for enterprising artists who creates and sympathize with the vision of UMI – creates public, inclusive, eye-catching art. Or maybe have an ambition to create positive change in the cultural, social, environmental and other fields.

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To a resident we provide: creative-residental studio, the opportunity to use the project spaces of the Užupis Art Incubator, to participate in projects of Lithuanian and foreign artists organized by the UMI, to become a part of the unique and at the same time open Užupis community of artists.
Rental price per month 360 €, the residence is concluded for a period of not less than one month.
Send us your application file named “Application for residency” to info@umi.lt with:
• A CV in which you will mention your artistical background;
• A summary or the note of the planning activities and ideas during residency in incubator;
• Portfolio presenting a set of recent works representative of your approach;
• Planning residency duration.
Optional documents:
• Links, publications, videos: Any document that you see useful to communicate to the selection committee in the form of internet links (participation in conferences or symposiums, press articles, films, interviews, etc.).
We are waiting for applications until 2022, June 30.
If you have any questions – info@umi.lt


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