UMI VILNELĖ residency spaces

The VILNELĖS spaces of the Užupis Art Incubator, which cover an area of more than 550 sq.m. , are located in the very centre of the city, in Užupis disctrict (Užupio st. 2), a place that is not only popular with the residents of Vilnius, but also visitors of the city. Art is an integral part of the cultural and historical identity of Užupis.

What can you find at VILNELĖ spaces?

  • Creative residencies located on the picturesque banks of the Vilnelė River;

  • The bohemian spaces, evoking the atmosphere of the first informal gatherings of Užupis artists;

  • The UMI Gallery, where exhibitions and events are constantly in flux;

  • ATTIC? educational spaces, where various creative workshops are organised.

  • An open-air sculpture and installation gallery;

  • An exceptional creative community of painters, photographers, musicians and performers, sculptors, textile artists, graphic designers and even digital artists.

Sculptors studio


UMI VILNELĖ rezidency visualization

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